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If You Financed It, We Can Recover It

Ensure you gain control of your financed assets when you rely on the repossession services from American Towing & Recovery. Throughout the Saint Paul, Minnesota, area, we repossess anything and everything, including automobiles, campers, recreational vehicles, airplanes, and all-terrain vehicles. We work with banks, buy-here-pay-here lots, and any other company that does financing payment plans.

Vehicle Holding

The repossessed vehicles get 7 days of free storage in our lot. During that time, we clean out the personal possessions in the vehicle, auction the car off after the 7 days, or any other decision you make. Customers can contact us and pay a property redemption fee to regain their personal possessions.

Skip Tracing

Each vehicle's license plate gets plugged into our plate recognition system to recover the collateral. We do several skip tracing services, which is an industry standard that allows us to track down there a person can be with the repossessed vehicle. We'll remove it from a parking lot or anywhere else it may be, so you have one less asset to worry about.

Keeping Your Assets Safe

When a vehicle gets repossessed, we use auto-loading wheel lift tow trucks. We use them because it prevents us from having contact with the customer. In the situations where the vehicle needs to be removed, we use GoJaks™ to push and remove vehicles without damaging them. We also use a dolly, which have a separate set of wheels that allows us to pop the vehicle up and remove it without damaging the drive train.

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