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Making New Friends Everyday

Roadside Assistance

Now you have a friend in the towing business. Our roadside assistance services are stellar. With our new fleet of state of the art tow trucks, we are ready for your roadside assistance emergencies. Including but not limited to tire changes, jump starts, accident scene towing and clean up, off-road recovery (winch outs), fuel delivery, insurance-approved towing and recovery. Ask about our motorcycle towing! Were you involved in an accident? A fender bender perhaps? If you find yourself in this situation, call us immediately. Your crashed car will automatically become our number one priority. We take accidents very seriously. We will re-route the closest tow truck to your location sometimes arriving in a matter of minutes. Put us to the test!

Tire Being Changed

Flat Tire?

Getting a flat tire is the most nerve racking experience. Typically you're traveling at a high rate of speed and then either you experience a vibration or hear a BOOM! No Worries! Let our tow trucks and wreckmaster-certified operators help you. We can typically have you back on the road within 30 minutes. Let our roadside assistance team get you back on the road!

Car Being Unlocked

Locked out?

Let's face it, sometimes we make mistakes or are forgetful. Too many drinks perhaps? Waking up the next day pleading with the man upstairs to locate your keys? My friend got lucky; they were in the garbage. No one knows why. But some are not so lucky. Many people have experienced being locked out of their vehicles and so have some tow truck drivers! It can be a stressful or even embarrassing experience. Let our recovery experts help you gain entry into your vehicle. Using the latest in repossession tools, we can get into your car DAMAGE FREE!!

Car Being Jump Started

Jump Starts

Dead battery? This usually happens to me at the drive-in. 2-hour long movie, leaving the radio on, and then we're ready to leave and all I hear is the dreaded click, click, click, click! Well, if this happens to you anywhere in the metro, call us. We'll either send a light duty roadside assistance truck or a full tow truck. Either way you'll be back on the road in less than 30 minutes! Weather permitting that is, this is Minnesota after all.

Fuel Delivery

You told him to get gas, you pleaded with him to get gas. Well, he didn't. (My bad. Yes, my fault. lol) If this happens to you, don't sweat it, call us. We'll deliver you the best 2 gallons of gas in town. It's only the best because it was purchased by one of your friends here at American Towing. If all else fails, WE CAN TOW YOU! It's a hidden gem in our name..... American Towing :-)